Go to Sleep

I have created and am updating a beautiful open-source sleep reminder app aimed at helping you maintain a healthy sleep schedule. This app has over 5,000+ downloads, a 4.8 star average rating, and 3 supported languages. It has been featured on a Polish news site, AndroidPolice and is available on F-droid.

FRC Vision

I trained a deep learning neural network with Tensorflow to recognize a FIRST FRC Power Up cube and transmit its location to a connected robot. This represents a huge step forward in how vision is done on FIRST teams. You could say its the FIRST of its kind (ba-dum-tssss)

Pixel Watch Face

I am developing an open-source minimalistic and beautiful watch face with a "Google Pixel" style.

NOHS Stampede

I created an open-source material design alternative to the terrible app my high school released to access their online hub. In doing so I dealt with database management through Firebase, using proprietary APIs by reverse engineering an obfuscated app, and more. This was also the first android app I made and got me in to programming.

Basketball Vision

As a junior in high school I designed, programmed and then built (with 2 other students) a project meant to let blind people play basketball. This got coverage on local news and was a big deal for me at the time.


Visit my Google Play developer account and view the applications I currently have published.