I'm a Computer Engineering student with a passion for open source projects, Linux, machine vision, deep learning, electronics design, and building big ideas. I am capable of coming up with an idea and taking it all the way through the prototyping stages. From researching the electronics components involved to creating the electrical schematic and PCB to the CAD models for mounting it, I can help you create the next big thing.

My name is Cole Gerdemann.

If there is something you think I'd be interested in working on, don't hesitate to contact me. I love challenges and am an extremely fast learner. I love Dart, Java, and C/C++, but am also competetent with Assembly and Machine Code. I am very familiar with the ARM and x86_64 ISAs. In addition, I have experience with Kotlin, Python, C#, JavaScript, and Go. I have done a few large projects outside of my GitHub I'd love to show off and can demo on request!